Monthly Archives: June 2014

Purpose and Guiding Principles

On Sunday, June 29, 2014, after about four months of listening to God in scripture, listening to each other in conversation, and prayer, we formally adopted this purpose statement and these guiding principles as a congregation.  They will be the rock that grounds us in God’s mission as we go […]

How Can Slaves Be Free?

As we here in the U.S. celebrate Independence Day this week, I hope we consider what it means to be free.  But as Christians, part of the worldwide Body of Christ, let’s consider what the apostle Paul thought about freedom (and by extension, Martin Luther, who was one of Paul’s […]

Dead or Alive?

We spend an awful lot of our lives worrying about ourselves.  Rather than “how do I lead a good life?”, what if our questions instead were about God and our neighbors? “Dead or Alive?” – Romans 6:1b-11 – June 22, 2014 Pastor Evan Davis

Livin’ the (God’s) Dream

What are human beings that you should care for them, God?  The question of Psalm 8 is one we’ve all asked at one point or another.  What is life all about?  What is the meaning or purpose of our normal, everyday lives?  In the 8th psalm and in the creation […]

The Only Language That Matters

Our American, historically Christian and English-speaking society has never been more diverse than it is today.  That may be disorienting to many.  But to those who are more recent immigrants to this country (we’re all immigrants), and those who have grown up outside of the church, we are the ones […]