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There is a place for you at St. Jacob’s!

The best way to get to know who we are is to worship with us on Sunday morning at 11:00 am. We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. Here’s what you can expect on a Sunday morning. 



Are you looking for something more?
Baptism and Membership

If you are looking for God, or even something you can’t name yet, you are welcome in the Body of Christ.  Newcomers to Christian faith are welcomed into Christ through Holy Baptism.  Whether you are preparing to be baptized or simply welcomed as a member of St. Jacob’s, we will walk with you and teach you about Lutheran Christian beliefs, the Bible, and how we practice our faith.

The pastor leads an initial time of learning and preparation which will meet as needed.  This is a time for stories, good conversations, and teaching, with plenty of fun along the Way.