Monthly Archives: December 2014

Rap of Simeon

When Simeon saw Jesus, he couldn’t help it.  He had to sing.  So he sung a little song that he composed.  Today, Pastor Evan felt like he needed to sing a song too, but he doesn’t compose music.  So instead, Pastor Evan created “Rap of Simeon” – enjoy! First Sunday […]

Born in Us Tonight

The Christmas story reminds us that God chooses to be found in simple, common human life – yours and mine.  It also helps us know that church isn’t about a quaint little story and old traditions for the sake of tradition.  It’s about God reaching out to ordinary people with […]

Graced and Gifted

Mary received a gift before she gave one.     Fourth Sunday in Advent (Year B) – Sunday, December 21, 2014 – Luke 1:26-38 St. Jacob’s-Spaders and Trinity Lutheran Churches, Harrisonburg, Virginia “Graced and Gifted” – Pastor Evan Davis Three and a half days left until Christmas, and gifts are […]

Just Point

We might not think a simple witness means much – but just pointing to Jesus can change someone’s life.  It changed mine. [Audio is from same sermon preached at Trinity Lutheran that morning, due to audio issues at St. Jacob’s…slightly different, but the same message.]   Third Sunday in Advent […]

People of Promise

How do promises change our lives…especially God’s promises?  These are good questions to consider this Advent.   This is one of those weeks where the preached sermon differed a good bit from what I wrote…so just listen!   Second Sunday in Advent (Year B) – Sunday, December 7, 2014 – […]

While We Wait

What is Advent all about?  It’s about what we see and what we do while we wait for the One who will surely come.   First Sunday of Advent (Year B) – Sunday, November 30, 2014 – Isaiah 64:1-9 St. Jacob’s-Spaders Lutheran Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia “While We Wait” – Pastor […]