Monthly Archives: January 2015

We Are the Church

What’s the church, you say?  Who’s a member?  We can get hung up on that.  But Jesus intends no confusion, and no anxiety about this.  Pastor Evan attempts some answers in this sermon.  Warning: you do have to listen to him sing in the recording….just saying…   3rd Sunday after […]

Calling in the Night

As we celebrate Dr. King last week and today, let’s remember that, like Samuel, he too experienced God’s call in the night.  It has much to teach us about our own call from God.   2nd Sunday after Epiphany (Year B) – January 18, 2015 – 1 Samuel 3:1-20 St. […]

Believe It

Faith is nothing more than trusting God when God says to you at your Baptism, “you are my daughter/son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”  Believe it.   Baptism of Our Lord (Year B) – January 11, 2015 – Mark 1:4-11 St. Jacob’s-Spaders Lutheran Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia “Believe […]

For This World

Why did Jesus come to be born a human child?  For this world, for your life…now.   Second Sunday of Christmas (Year B) – January 4, 2015 – John 1:1-18 St. Jacob’s-Spaders Lutheran Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia “For This World” – Pastor Evan Davis Two households, both alike in dignity, In […]