Greetings, Thank you for checking out Trinity/St.Jacob’s Evangelical Lutheran congregation.  I think you will find this to be a diverse group of people.  We are gathered around word and sacraments because we have been claimed though grace by Jesus Christ.  Out of this one common calling, through our Baptisms, we respond in myriad ways to worship God and serve him and all of his creation.  As you explore this website you will find examples of this joyful life lived in the love of our savior.  You are welcome to visit worship or any of the activities described here.  All of our activities are open to all including worship and Holy Communion.  If you have any questions please email or call the church office and ask for me.  I would be happy to help.  God’s blessings!  Pastor Bill Nabers

In person worship service has resumed at St. Jacob’s-Spaders.
11 a.m. each Sunday.
We are still being cautious as we continue to live out the Gospel by caring for one another.

Notes about the worship service:  Attendance will be open to all, regardless of vaccine status. Everyone will be expected to wear a mask when not in their pew.  Removing the mask when seated with family groups is allowed. Please try to leave space between groups. There will be no congregational singing at this time.  Spoken responses are to be said in normal, not loud voices.  Holy Communion will be taken in the pews with the bread/wine distributed beforehand using the same manner as the parking lot services.  A basket will be in the entrance area for offerings.  The peace will be shared without moving from one’s place.  There will be a special litany recognizing both the losses of the last fifteen months and the joy of this re-gathering. There will not be a fellowship time after the service.  One of the services will be recorded and available online for those not gathering

The COVID19 situation will be constantly monitored and hopefully restrictions can continue to be loosened as appropriate.


3555 Spaders Church Road, Mt. Crawford, VA 22841


Holy Communion is celebrated at every worship service.