Monthly Archives: October 2014

You’re Hired

You know how nerve-wracking it is to wait and wonder whether you’re hired for a job?  Sometimes we have the same kind of uncertainty about God.  But worry no longer…for God has made a new covenant with us in Jesus Christ.  You’re hired!  You are part of God’s family, now […]

On God’s Side

With two weeks until the election, a lot of people are asking “whose side are you on?”  But what does it mean to be on God’s side?   19th Sunday after Pentecost (Year A) – Sunday, October 19, 2014 – Isaiah 45:1-9, Matthew 22:15-22 St. Jacob’s-Spaders Lutheran Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia […]

God Is One of Us

What does God look like?  And what does God desire for the world?  In many ways, our whole religion is about responding to these questions.  The chief priests and elders in Jerusalem thought they knew all the answers.  Sometimes we do.  But Jesus always keeps surprising us.   17th Sunday […]