Monthly Archives: July 2014

You’re in the Will!

As the Church, we’ve spent a lot of time worrying about who’s in the will and who’s out.  Who gets the inheritance of Christ and who doesn’t?  The good news for us is that we’ve been written into God’s will in the blood of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen.  That […]

Changed by the Good News

The good news CHANGES us.  It does not leave us the same.  The apostle Paul is serving up some serious good news in Romans 8:1, which we heard today as we travel through the letter this summer.  At Power in the Spirit, our Virginia Synod ministry conference last week, I […]

Why Can’t We Just Be Good?

There are many things we want, and need, to stop doing.  Or to start.  But no matter how much we want to do the things we know we should, we can’t.  Why can’t we just be good? Paul’s answer, and Martin Luther’s, is because we are addicted to sin – […]